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National Police Resends Team to Malaysia and Singapore

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Kamis, 24 Juli 2003 09:29 WIB
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  • TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta:From his headquarters in Jakarta today (19/2), National Police chief Gen. Da’i Bachtiar told journalists that a police team, headed by National Police chief of detectives Insp. Gen. Enkesman R. Hillep, would be dispatched once again to Malaysia and Singapore tomorrow to investigate a number of Indonesian citizens who are allegedly members of terrorism networks abroad. This team will question directly four Indonesian citizens: Iqbal, Faiq Hakfidh, Sahrial Sirin and Ahmad Sajuli, who have recently been detained by the Malaysian police on suspicion of links to terrorism. The police team is also assigned to find new information from various parties regarding Indonesia, particularly the reference by former Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew the ringleaders of terrorist groups might still be at large in Indonesia. The Police chief hopes the team will be able to obtain more detailed information on those Indonesians. Da’i said that the police had previously sent their officers to the Philippine to investigate Fathur Rahman Al-Ghozi, a terrorist suspect currently detained by the Philippine Police. The police are also investigating the possibility of those suspects carrying on similar activities in Indonesia. So far, the police have not found any supporting indications. According to Da’i, the National Police are cooperating bilaterally with countries such as Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines in the war against terrorism. At the regional level, the police are also cooperating with AsianPol and are involved with forums such as the Asian Meeting on Transnational Crime, the agenda of which includes the eradication of international terrorism.




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