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SIRA Chairman: Iskandar Muda Military District will Facilitate Military Operations in Aceh

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Selasa, 22 Juli 2003 13:40 WIB
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  • TEMPO Interactive, Banda Aceh:The chairman of the Aceh Referendum Information Center (SIRA), Mohammad Nazar, claims the reestablishment of the Iskandar Muda Military District will only increase the arrogance of the Indonesian military towards the Acehnese. “The military district will not encourage civilians to seek out their own solutions,” Nazar told Tempo News Room from Banda Aceh today (5/2). SIRA is opposed to the decision to reestablish the Iskandar Muda Military District that has been closed since 1985. In Nazar's view, the political conflict in Aceh is being used to grant promotions to military officers. He said the military district would not clarify the line of command in the Indonesian military. SIRA activists decided not to hold a rally at the opening ceremony of the Iskandar Muda Military District that was officially reopened by Army Chief of Staff Gen. Endriartono Sutato this morning. The activists voiced their rejection via the mass media and displayed banners over some buildings, including the state-run Syiah Kuala University. Meanwhile, the situation in Banda Aceh and Lhokseumawe, North Aceh, was one of relative calm. The security apparatus remained on alert, whilst trading activities were unaffected. (Yuswardi A. Suud/Zainal Bakri)




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