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Government Ready to Evacuate Foreigners

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Kamis, 28 Agustus 2003 11:22 WIB
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  • TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta:The government hasannounced it will provide security for foreigners andforeign assets in Indonesia, following the US militaryattack on Afghanistan, Sunday (7/10). We are on thealert and have held a meeting with the police andmilitary chiefs, including Chief of Jakarta Police andChief of Jakarta Military Command, CoordinatingMinister for Political and Security Affairs, SusiloBambang Yudhoyono, announced to the press at hisoffice today (8/10).

    The government, Susilo added, would not tolerateviolence against foreigners and that if such violencedid occur, the government would consider it their dutyto evacuate the foreigners to safety.

    Regarding protests against the US attack, thegovernment said it would not arrest anyone voicingtheir aspirations as long as people did not misusetheir freedom of speech. For example, freedom ofspeech does not include violence that threatens othersor damage of buildings,Susilo said.

    Susilo then called upon public figures, especiallythose leading demonstrators, to voice their protestspeacefully. Demonstrations should take place withoutdisturbing public order, he said. (Deddy Sinaga)




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