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Tommy Suharto Fails to Show Up

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Kamis, 28 Agustus 2003 11:19 WIB
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  • TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta:Hutomo Mandala Putra,popularly known as Tommy Suharto, has failed to showup at South Jakarta Prosecutors Office in Jakartatoday (8/10) to sign a legal report of judicial reviewon a case of corruption implicating him. Tommy, theyoungest son of former president Suharto, had beenconvicted of corruption in a land-swap deal betweenState Logistics Agency (Bulog) and PT Goro BataraSakti.

    Tommy was scheduled to arrive at the ProsecutorsOffice today to sign a legal report regarding his caseand for the rehabilitation of his name. Two ofTommy's lawyers, Elza Syarief and Nudirman Munir,arrived at the Prosecutors Office at 11.40 am WesternIndonesian Time (WIB) to represent Tommy for asignature that would also see the return of Tommysassets that had previously been confiscated by theProsecutors Office.

    The Office, however, has refused the request ofTommys lawyers to represent Tommy in this way. Thesigning of this legal report can only be carried outby Tommy himself, South Jakarta Prosecutors Officehead Antasari Azhar told the press after meetingTommys lawyers at his office.

    The Office intends to deliver a second summons forTommy within the next three days. The summons will beissued only three times. If Tommy still fails to showup after the third summons, the Office will not summonTommy by force (sub poena power) because the ruling ofa judicial review is to release people. In manycases like this, the convicted are usually willing toshow up at the Office in order to be released, Azharsaid.

    Tommys status will be the same even if he does notappear before the Prosecutors Office after the thirdsummons. Although the Supreme Court (MA) justices, ledby M. Taufik, have granted Tommys appeal for ajudicial review, Tommy will remain a convicted personunless he signs the legal report. Azhar said thatTommys lawyers were unable to explain Tommys absencetoday. They merely presented the authorization letterthat Tommy had given them in September 2000 to beg thepresidents clemency.

    Azhar expects any parties in contact with Tommy toinform him of the necessity to sign the legal reportthat will rehabilitate his name and see the return hisassets. Azhar also hopes that Tommys lawyers wouldkeep their promise to immediately bring Tommy to theProsecutors Office this month. I hope Tommy willshow up next time, Azhar said.

    Elza Syarief promised he would bring Tommy to theProsecutors Office. She says the last time Tommycalled her was on September 13, 2001. Still, shedeclined to reveal Tommys whereabouts. I expectTommy will fulfill the summons of the ProsecutorsOffice and will sign the legal report. Tommys familyand I have interests in this matter, Elza said.




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