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President Asks TNI to Avoid Involvement in Practical Politics

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Rabu, 27 Agustus 2003 15:15 WIB
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  • TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta:President MegawatiSukarnoputri has asked the Indonesian Military (TNI)to disengage from practical politics and concentrateon improving their professionalism in the defensesector. The president acknowledged that the TNI hadbeen consistently improving their internal affairs andbelieved it would be capable of settling theirproblems in the near future. Therefore, she hasadvised the TNI to follow the national policy anddisengage from practical politics in a positive way.

    The responsibility for areas in which the TNI waspreviously active politically will be handed over toother political institutions that are better suited tocarrying out political activities on a continuousbasis, the president said during the opening speechshe delivered at the TNI anniversary held at HalimPerdanakusumah airport in Jakarta today (5/10). Assuch, in accordance with the reformation mandate,Megawati hopes the restructuring of the TNIs functionand greater professionalism in the defense sector willgain solidity. The president suggested that the TNIreview their successes and failures in the performanceof their tasks.

    In the face of an increasingly complicated situationand difficult conditions in the nation, the presidentrequested TNI members to hold on to time-honoreddoctrines as their guideline. However, the presidentsuggested it is necessary for the TNI to embrace thenew doctrines so as to properly adapted with changedcircumstances.

    Mega enthusiastically announced that the new doctrineshad been formed by the government to overcome humanrights violations that have frequently marred theperformance of the TNI when carrying out their duty,particularly during security operations. I knowthat many TNI officers often hesitate out of a fearthat they will violate human rights. Yet this is ahealthy sign as it indicates TNI members still have aconscience, the president said. She furtherrequested that TNI members familiarize themselves withthe law that prevails during the war and that whichapplies universally in times of peace. By obeyingsuch universal law, especially the right to life, TNImembers need not fear further violations of humanrights.

    In her speech, the president stated that as a memberof the United Nations (UN), Indonesia must respectuniversal humanitarian law. Indonesia has ratifiedvarious articles of international law since 1998 andwill ratify more in the future. We have evenstipulated human rights matters for the amendment ofthe 1945 Constitution as well as other laws, Megasaid.

    The president made a special request of all militarycommanders to master their comprehension of humanrights regulations. Having done this, unitcommanders would be capable of improving the characerof his soldiers and suffer no doubts when fulfillingtheir responsibilities over any violations committedby his unit. Each military operation carried out bythe TNI must ensure that there will be no humanrights violations and that the rights of civilianswill be completely honored.

    At the end of her speech, the president, on behalf ofthe government, revealed her plans to improve thesoldiers welfare step-by-step. She also declared hergratitude to all TNI members for their service andtheir dedication to the Indonesian nation. Keep upthe tradition of nobleness that youve been holding onall this time, the president said.




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