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Attorney Generals Office to File An Appeal

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Rabu, 27 Agustus 2003 15:09 WIB
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  • TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta:The Attorney GeneralsOffice (AGO) is set to file an appeal against theSupreme Court's issuance of a judicial review of theland swap case between PT Goro Batara Sakti andthe State Logistics Agency, a case implicating TommySuharto. Yet no time frame for this appeal has beenset. The AGO merely announced it would file an appealto the Supreme Court soon. Public prosecutor Fahmisaid he was preparing data and analysis to file this appeal.

    This appeal will probably be completed in a couple ofdays, and the AGO will file it immediately, Fahmisaid from the AGO complex today (5/10). He added thatthe Criminal Code article 266 (paragraph 2) does notinclude time limits for filing an appeal.

    According to Fahmi, the AGO was to file an appealbecause they believe the decision of the courtindicates that they had come across new evidence, butthat this evidence was not produced. Besides, Fahmisaid, the Supreme Court had done the people a great injustice by issuing this judicial review.

    Fahmi added that the justices had made a blunderbecause Tommy had confessed his crime on one occasionwhere he requested clemency from the President.However, as the President rejected this request, Tommylater filed an appeal to the Supreme Court who havenow agreed to a judicial review. It seems the SupremeCourt has tolerated an inconstitutional act, that is,the request of clemency along with this latestappeal. Fahmi said. (Cahyo Junaidi)




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