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Imports of Plastic Waste to be Allowed

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Rabu, 13 Agustus 2008 10:25 WIB
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  • TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta: Government will allow industries to import plastic waste in order to meet the demand for cheaper raw materials. Albert Tubogu, Director for Imports at the Department of Trade, said that the ban will be cancelled soon. Industries have been complaining about expensive raw materials due to the fuel prices hike, he said yesterday. According to him, currently plastic manufacturers are making use of a lot of plastic waste as raw materials. Industries asked for the ban to be cancelled, said Albert. The Government previously prohibited industries from importing plastic waste under the regulation No. 520/MPP/Kep/8/2003. Albert explained that the Minister of Trade will only allow industries to import re-cycled plastic waste. Not all industries can import this plastic, only importer producers, he said.The Department of Industry will verify their importing needs and give recommendation to the applicant, Albert said.Currently, a team from the Department of Trade, the Department of Industry, and the State ministry for the Environment are working on revising the regulation.The revision will explain which products are harmless and can be imported.According to the Indonesian Plastic and Olefin Industry Association, during the first half of 2008 prices of plastic raw material for polyethylene and polypropylene increased by 100 percent, from US$1,100 to US$2,200 per ton.CORNILA DESYANA




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